Watergreen Limited is a specialist strategic advisory practice with a focus on corporate governance, property investment performance, urban regeneration and business performance

Watergreen advise clients in the public, private (corporate and commercial)  and not-for-profit sectors


Property Advisory
Development Consultancy
Business Performance
Corporate Governance





Watergreen Limited is a specialist strategic advisory practice and consultancy with a focus on property and business performance.

Watergreen is led by Bruce Isles and Danelle Dinsdale. We act as trusted advisers in sensitive corporate and commercial environments, with independence and absolute confidentiality.

We have a reputation for cutting through complexity to provide innovative, creative and deliverable solutions.

We pride ourselves on our core values:

  • Collaboration - we work collaboratively and build partnerships. We listen to clients and stakeholders to understand their issues and objectives. Our approach is open and transparent.
  • Innovation - we challenge and review existing systems and practices. We aim to think ‘outside the square’ to help create more effective solutions and outcomes.
  • Leadership - we seek to establish a shared vision and build teams with complementary skills and the motivation to deliver. We contribute to teams with the experience to evolve innovative, practical solutions. We provide focus and structure to ensure goals and objectives are delivered in a timely and effective manner.
  • Analysis - Our ethos is research led, evidence based, decision making. We believe successful outcomes are the product of sound analysis supporting creativity. We assemble the facts and draw on our experience to help deliver innovative, practical solutions to meet our clients’ objectives and aspirations.

We advise clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Our clients include:

  • Corporate organisations seeking to optimise performance or achieve more effective outcomes.
  • Government entities seeking to challenge existing practices and to achieve more effective service delivery.
  • Property investors and developers seeking to deliver visionary assets through a strategic approach to project conception and execution.